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What does that mean if I am attracted to ';tomboy'; girls only not ';lipstick'; girls?

Only a girl I was ever sexually attracted was a homosexual (not bi or curious) and ';tomboy'; type (not lipstick or butch, - what is the butch anyway?)

Other than this I am attracted to a man. Maybe I am attracted to her because she somewhat like a boy? Does that really makes me bi? Or I

am confusing her with a boy? She does uses all man's products and dresses like a boy too.What does that mean if I am attracted to ';tomboy'; girls only not ';lipstick'; girls?
most girls like tomboys when they're first coming out, they're kind of like the bridge between men and women. they're familiar but also different. Some girls move on from there to then really like girly-girls, or to dykey-dykes, or somewhere in between, but really you'll just find that you like them for who they are.

and it doesnt mean you're a lesbian. a lot of my straight friends have had crushes on gay girls but it doesnt always last. i think some girls get rushes on tomboy lesbians because they're like a guy except they know how to talk to you and know how you;re feeling etc so you can feel a strong connection with them. But it doesnt make you gay.

What does that mean if I am attracted to ';tomboy'; girls only not ';lipstick'; girls?
If you have never been attracted to girls before, then I would say you are generally straight. You can have a ';girl crush'; and not be completely bisexual. There is more of a range than strictly straight, gay, and bi. Don't worry about the labels so much, they are only there to help express yourself, not to make you feel like you have to fit into pre-set standards. It is possible you are bisexual, and that is okay too. Right now though I would say you are ';hetero-flexable.'; Of course, the only one who really knows who you are is you. Just wait and see what happens and look at how you feel, not how you think you should feel. If you like this girl a lot (as in you honestly think it is more than a small girl crush) and you want to pursue her, then go for it! Just be very careful not to hurt her.
I don't mean this to sound nasty, but why does it have to ';mean'; something? You're attracted to whomever you're attracted to. Everybody has tastes in things, and those tastes don't have to mean anything or, for that matter, even be rational. There are people who like boiled okra, for Heaven's sake. Find someone you're happy with and just be happy. If you really want a label of some sort, wait until you have a little more data before you start trying to assign one.
I don't know, you are probably straight. It's possible for straight people to develop deep emotional crushes on the same sex which could turn into a sexual encounter if the straight person was feeling particularly emotionally vulnerable one day.

vice versa with gay people
You like the fact that she has the style of a male with a woman's heart.

A butch lesbian is like a good looking man/pretty boy who understands women and knows how to treat them.

That's how straight girls see it.
A tomboy girl is still a girl. You sound heterogendered to me, which means you're attracted to those who look or act like they are men, even if they are not.
It means that you like girls that look and dress more like boys more than Girly girls! I know you aren't sure bout what you are but most likely BI...
i guess you like the look of man but scientifically like girls.

your still lesbian though if you dont like guys.
Then yes you are bi. and since you like manly women you are into butch girls
it means u dont like the girly looking girls
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  • Can black girls really wear red lipstick?

    dark or light skin, can black girls really wear red lipstick?Can black girls really wear red lipstick?
    Oh, my god--YES!!! Girls with dark skin can pull off ANY shade of red--unlike the rest of us. It looks beautiful on their dark skin!Can black girls really wear red lipstick?
    why not? just put it on.
    i believe this is a free country they can wear anything they like , do they look good in it , sure , as good as anybody else black , white you name them ,
    Sure they can.Ive seen some black dolls with real red lipstick on and they looked damn fine.
    I think it doesn't have to do with complexion but the radiance of the skin, because I can wear lipstick and I am dark but I've seen some who can't. I don't think it's the best looking color on us though, but it can work.
    ABSOLUTELY!!! There is a shade of red for everybody. But it definitely depends on your own skin tone. Check out the link below:
    Yes, as with any skin tone, they should see what shade of red matches their skin tone best.
    absolutely! i think that looks really pretty, actually!
    Yes!!! I' am African American but I have a light skin complexion and I use colorstay soft %26amp; smooth lipcolor by revlon try Succulent Berry as a shade. Just choose the right shade for your complexion. Try a cherry red or a berry red, not those loud color reds. Just experiment with it. Hint: put a clear lipgloss over it.
    Everybody can wear red lipstick, but when you a light color you have to find your tone of red but when your a dark you can wear any color of red.
    YEAH .
    yea it depends though on the type of lips if they were like really big and they had a big nose it wouldnt look good but I mean if they had normal lips and a normal nose and a nice skin color then yea
    Of course. As with all women, the secret is to make sure it complements whatever colour you're wearing that day.
    sorry to say no.....lipsticks suits you with youre skin colors......and red lipsticks wont really suit youre color......but you can just try wearing the red lipsstick if you like it then keep wearing my opinion really light skin...likes carlet johannes....
    Duh! My cousin does it. could but I wouldn' would make your lips stand out WAY to much...I would try a beige or something like that.
    Yeah, Sure you can but red lipstick looks cheap on us, try like a brown. No white girl could pull that off better than us girl.
    yeah they can y u got a problem?
    I don't know but they really shouldn't, because it'll just make their lips look bloody because of their black skin.
    uhhh, I don't think it's illegal
    yes!! why not??
    red lipstick looks bad on anyone no matter what color they are.
    why wouldn't they be able to? almost anyone can wear red lipstick as long as the shade of red flatters their skin tone. some people can use a blue red and others, an orange red
    You can do what ever works for you...I have seen black women with red lipstick that pull it off well, no matter their complections.
    I just saw an episode of the Tyra Show about beauty tips.

    Women of ALL colors CAN WEAR RED lipstick.

    Light skin are advised to wear pink undertone, or brighter reds.

    Olive skin - darker red.

    But girlfriend, you are black and will look nice with ANY SHADE.

    So lucky you!!!!
    Yes they can.... =0)

    Why wouldn't they be able to?!
    yes they can pull it off
    I think red looks better on black girls anyways
    Absolutely. One of the things that I love the most about dark skin is that makeup colors look so vibrant and true, especially lipstick colors. I think red lipstick looks great on black women.

    What color lipstick looks good on girls w/ warm peach undertones?

    give me different kinds of colors of lipstick that look good on people with warm peach undertonesWhat color lipstick looks good on girls w/ warm peach undertones?
    Nude lipstick looks good on people with warm peach undertones. :)

    It's a look that compliments and highlights your whole face.

    M.A.C. cosmetics has some really great nude lipsticks, so you can give them a try if you haven't done so already.

    Colors such as pink and red will also work.

    Good luck!What color lipstick looks good on girls w/ warm peach undertones?
    if ur going for bold red carpet look

    bright pink/red.

    if ur going for everyday/casual/formal/anything look,

    soft pink or like a peach color wiht tints of light pinkish orange white :D
    pinky purple warmish colours.

    so precise :)
    hazel maybe
    light brown, red, and dark pink.

    The new E! show Candy Girls.. what kind of dark red lipstick does the ceo Danielle wear?

    I love that dark blood red looking lipstick the ceo of candy girls wears.. not even sure if it's lipstick or a lip pencil... does anyone know how to achieve that look or what the name of the look is called....The new E! show Candy Girls.. what kind of dark red lipstick does the ceo Danielle wear?
    I'm not too sure but here's an article on how to wear red lipstick that might help.鈥?/a>

    This is a great article also for darker skin on how to wear lipstick!鈥?/a>

    I'd e-mail the writer, she may know what color you are talking about!

    I like this Lancome color. I think it's called La Femme en Rouge and it's definitely a dark red.鈥?/a>

    I'm sure that she's probably wearing Lancome or Chanel which are both pricier lipsticks. She is also probably wearing lipliner which most saleswomen can show you how to apply or just watch this video:鈥?/a>

    I really like the show. Danielle can be a real you-know-what. She thinks she's such a diva. I like Kimora Lee Simmons, now that's a DIVA!The new E! show Candy Girls.. what kind of dark red lipstick does the ceo Danielle wear?
    Sorry, don't know the answer either. But I really do like her look. She is a pretty woman.

    Guys & girls: what is your opinion of red lipstick?

    What do you think of red lipstick? Is it pretty, old-fashioned, trashy, etc? Do you think it should be reserved just for nights or special occassions (too much for daytime)? Also, what kind of look can pull it off, or what celebrities? For those who wear red lipstick (girls only please!), what brand/name color do you like?Guys %26amp; girls: what is your opinion of red lipstick?
    i think its really pretty....if its put on right.

    it will look really good if it is the right shade (not to bright, not to dark) %26amp; with something that would make it pop, like white!

    you dont wanna wear red with a bunch of red, or its just gonna look sleezy. but if you have some sort of white blouse %26amp; jeans, it will look pretty. go for it!

    :DGuys %26amp; girls: what is your opinion of red lipstick?
    I think it all depends on what other makeup the person is wearing along with the red lipstick and what shade of red the lipstick is.

    Sometimes it looks nice and sometimes it doesn't.
    It looks good if you put it on right. It looks weird if you wear it during the day unless you like work in a professional place.
    I hate it.

    it looks horrible on anyone who doesn't have SUUUUUUPER white teeth.
    Red lipstick is a universal classic.

    i love it. BUT you have to follow the rules to pull it off!

    -wear with neutral colours, ie white, black or grey.

    - dont wear it with ther bright colours, or you may risk looking like an 80's throwback!

    -be SURE to use a lipliner so it doesnt bleed into the little lines around ur lips, a great trick is to completely shade in your lips with the lipliner. but be SURE that its not a different shade to your lipstick!

    - you have to have really white can make them look yellow

    -to select a shade go to a beautician,however the general idea is: if your complexion is pink, you'll look better in plum shades, while girls with yellow undertones are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base

    -use a softer shade for daytime wear, and a stronger shade for night time

    -go easy on the rest of your makeup. neutral is the key. (unless you WANT to look like a clown!)

    - dont paint the nails to match!

    -Wear it with confidence!

    red lipstick is HOTT this spring, follow the rules, and you cant go wrong!
    if it's done well, it's done well...

    some can pull it off, and some just look bad

    but keep in mind - red doesn't always have to be bright, it can be a sheer, pinky red .. or a very light red
    its okay...for dance recitals. lol. i hate

    miley cyrus but i think she can pull it off...
    hate it!!! looks so trashy and obvious. netural colors r wayyy betr. I recomend the new Aqualumiere in Santa Monica or Hawaii from Channel, so pretty!! but 26 bux each so kinda pricy.
    If you have fair skin and good, white teeth, then go for it. If not then dont wear it, it will look horrible.
    It depends on the person. It looks great on some people and horrible on others. Many people pick a shade that clashes with their skin tone, which is what makes it look bad on them. With a flattering shade, you can easily wear it during the daytime.
    I like the deep red.It just oozes sexuality.I really wish i could pull it off.
    Hate it.

    It gets on your teeth

    It gets on peoples faces

    It gets onto clothes

    It gets onto food

    It looks slutty

    I think that a nude lip looks better. if you find a cute nude lipstick, or you can evn put sum foundation on your lips and add a gloss(thats wat i do) it looks way cute. but if u really want a red lip, find a soft one and wear it for night occasions, its a little too dramtic for the day time.
    I think that it can look really good if it's applied carefully, and if the right kind of red is used. It can look very classic in my opinion!

    Girls, do you prefer kissing with lipstick/gloss or bare lips?

    Just curious. Which feels better?Girls, do you prefer kissing with lipstick/gloss or bare lips?
    I can't speak for every other guy, but personally I prefer bare lips. It doesn't have that chalky, oily taste or make a mess on my face. And if you want to flavor it up or something, just have a jolly rancher or starburst before you kiss.Girls, do you prefer kissing with lipstick/gloss or bare lips?
    To be honest I've never really kissed anyone but I would probably say bare lips... I'm thinking gloss would be messy and taste bad lol
    lipstick, lipgloss makes you feel sexier but bare is less sticky
    Just Chapstick. Its not to sticky but your lips are smooth and soft.
    bare lips ofc.... i dont like the taste of lipstick or lip gloss watever.. its sticky and oily %26gt;_%26lt;
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  • Deadly traces of Lead in your lipstick, girls?…Deadly traces of Lead in your lipstick, girls?
    Thank goodness I don't wear lipstick!Deadly traces of Lead in your lipstick, girls?
    Uh oh....I'm in trouble! ♥

    Thanks for the info.
    I saw that article. Everything is bad for us! What else are they going to find. That's why I don't wear lipstick %26lt;3
    Yeah, I'm a Dior girl too, so I'm a little angry. At almost 40 dollars a tube, I'm getting my money back.
    does that mean traces of lead can be found on his ';thingie down there'; too!
    I guess I'm going as a stupid vampire this year for Halloween. Thanks for letting me know.
    It's too bad that the cosmetic companies don't let women know what is really in the products been used today. It's a population control thing. Just like smoking.
    Yep, just read it when I signed in.


    Thank goodness I only use chap stick....
    I saw that too! Thank goodness I don't have any!
    i read that...this is insane. First dog food, then toys, now lipstick. What's next???
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